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Why do people like to buy small figurines?

The answer is simple. Because they are cute and adorable to look at! (Personally, I can't get enough of them). However, the real question should be: why do people like collecting small figurines? The reason behind this is that it actually brings out the child in you. Well said reader, well said! It brings out the child in us because when we were kids, one of our greatest dreams was to play with or collect small figurines just like what you see on TV or in movies. And today, you finally have an opportunity to fulfill your childhood dream. But against all odds - there's always a but - there are so many different types and brands of these little cuties waiting for you to take home - which one should you pick?

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Well, don't worry! We have come up with a list of the different types of small figurines that are available in the market as well as their pros and cons. This way, you'll be able to make an easier buying decision.

1) Pre-painted Figurines

Affordable for those who want to collect but on a tight budget.

Easily distinguishable from other brands. Paint tends to chip off fast Usually lower quality compared to other options. 

2) Unpainted Figurines

Great opportunity for painters and hobbyists. Great detail May have more character/personality than pre-painted ones. Requires painting Skill needed to paint properly. Can easily break.

3) Nendoroids

Very popular and well known for its high quality and detail. Usually very affordable (if not on sale). Sometimes fans get tired of it since it has been around for a long time (figurine manufacturer Good Smile Company released their first Nendoroid in 2008).

4) Articulated Figurines

Very poseable. Great to play with Limited articulations compared to other types. Difficult to display. Properly difficult to pose if you can't find a specific pose or scene from the anime/manga/game. Doesn't have much character unless you buy one that is specifically made for displaying purposes.

5) High-End Figurines

Highest level of quality and detail. Usually very expensive if not made by a good company. Very expensive fans may complain about the price.

6) Trading Figures

Cheap. Great for those who are on a tight budget. Can usually fit inside your pockets. Low quality. Details can be lost due to size. Not that poseable since they are attached together in a group.

7) Blind Boxes/Cases

Provides fun when opening cases or boxes. Is well known within the anime community. Considered as collectibles. Only have limited quantities so you will most likely get one of the figurines. Illustrations are drawn/featured on blind boxes themselves which makes it unique. Might contain rare figures or hard to find figurines. Usual boxes won't show you which figurine you get. The only way to know what you get is by buying and opening the box. Sometimes comes with random accessories not featured on the Anime/Video Game/Manga blind boxes are based off of.

8) Micro-Super Deformed (MSD)

Very cute. Full of charm. Might be able to fit inside your pockets. Cheap quality. Details lost due to size. Usually very limited articulations. Limited poseability.

9) Super Deformed

Very cute. Full of charm. Might be able to fit inside your pocket. Cheap quality. Details are usually lost due to size. Limited articulations.

10) Figma

High level of detail. Decent range of motion. Advertised as a "action figure" but it doesn't really fulfil the action figure category (Figmas aren't very poseable and they can break pretty easily). The double joints on some parts don't always work well.

11) Action Figures

Popular within the western anime community. Usually more articulated than figurines. Better quality than trading figures. Very expensive If you're not into superhero stuff then this isn't for you (well.. I guess that's true for anything else too). Not popular within the Japanese anime community.

So there you have it! A complete guide to small figurines. Hope that through this list, we were able to help you narrow down your choices and make buying decisions easier and faster. Also, we advise you to bookmark this page in case you need a quick refresher or something. I hope everyone in the anime community and figurine collectors in general had a pleasant time reading this article. We're hoping for your support by either liking, sharing, favoriting or commenting on this article. If you want us to write more about small figures then let us know too!

Please share our articles so that we can reach more people and help them spend/save wisely when shopping online! Thank you all for viewing and we wish everyone good luck with their figurine collecting needs!

*As all proceeds go to charity no returns are accepted.

*As all proceeds go to charity no returns are accepted.